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*Sufi Spirit…Love overcomes all adversities* Written by F.F.


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*Sufi Spirit…Love overcomes all adversities* Written by F.F.

“The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks


Ive started reading more lately, just to get back to that feeling of euphoria when you read an amazing book and can’t put it down until you finish. These few sentences in the book struck me as being so simple yet so bluntly truthful. All those posts we see online and everywhere else about women being hard to understand get me really upset. It doesn’t upset me because I’m a woman and I’m apparently offended. It upsets me because many people in this world just like to think of women as some mysterious beings and that’s it. They stop right there and don’t put the effort into realizing that you don’t need to understand someone fully to be able to love them unconditionally. Thats what love is all about. We never understand people 100% but what carries us through the journey of life is the willingness to stay and love the people in our lives more and more, despite the lack of understanding. When we overthink or even undermine the importance of the people we love, we’re at risk of losing them, and that’s a tragedy. Go ahead and show how much you love your mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, because in the end, we may never fully understand them but we love them just for being in our lives. Life doesnt guarantee full understanding of anything, so some men in this world should understand that too: you don’t need to know everything, you just need to know when to love, compromise, and bring joy in the relationship. If she meets you halfway, thats an amazing sight to see. If she doesnt even take two steps forward, though, then you need to know where to draw the line. Women are complicated but in the end, if she brings joy in your life, you’ve found a great person in your life and they are definitely hard to find. 

*Sufi Spirit…Love overcomes all adversities* Written by F.F.

I Miss Pakistan

I miss waking up hearing the roosters on the neighboring buildings, the azaan prayers calling out from the local mosques, the smell of delicious and fluffy halwa puri in the early hours…. I miss the sound of bicycle bells as kids rode by in the alleys, the sound of giggling and laughter that came from, the way the dawn would just creep up on you ever so slightly in the most beautiful way, the whole sky illuminated in orange-yellow, basking you in the amazing glow of the sun…. I miss the sound of the rickety rickshaws, the horns and bells of every vehicle passing by on the main road, the sound of the vendors who begin their treks early in the morning, selling plates/pans/toys/anything you want….. I miss the tv programming, the Islamic channels, the Bollywood music that would bellow out of our own house when we were all in a dancy mood…. I miss that original feeling I felt in that country, which I feel like I lack sitting here in New York City…. New York is my home, Pakistan is my home…. I love both equally, I just wish there was a way that Pakistani life and cuisine and culture was more infused in our lives here…. I feel like many kids are forgetting the wonders of living in such a beautiful country as Pakistan, the valleys of Murree, the mountains of Islamabad, the mosques of Lahore, the entertainment of Karachi, the beautiful fields of the pinds…. If only we all saw that beauty instead of all that hate that is brought on by the media…. if only.



Badshahi Mosque




the-monal-restaurant Monal restaurant in Islamabad- my favorite!!!

Sunday Breakfast: Cinnamon French Toast and Fruit

I’ll be trying this out tomorrow, looks super delicious 🙂

Family Bonds

I went to New Jersey with my family today and got to see so many people who I had not met for ages. I was dreading to go because I felt like I should go out with friends or something. When the day was over though, I was so happy. I wasnt happy because it passed and i was finally home. I was happy because i realized how refreshing it is to see people who truly care about you and have been around in your life for so long. It was like a high for me, meeting everyone, getting congratulated on my wedding, giving and receiving gifts. Im an emotional person as it is, but what i loved about today was that i received so much motivation from all the interaction i had today. I felt elated when i came home and i even told my husband about how i had an amazing day. Family makes you feel like all those problems that youve been dealing with lately, have been nothing at all. I felt like all the stress i was feeling in the last few weeks, disappeared as soon as i got the first hug from my aunt. These are the moments that we live for, to know that we are loved and there will always be someone around to reciprocate that love. I met my cousins who look upto me and I received so much motivation through that. I realized how blessed i was and how much Ive probably been taking for granted. I know that us humans need motivation constantly but I’m definitely going to hold onto these moments for as long as I can, because it’ll give me the ability to propel myself into happiness. I was happy before and I’m happy now too, the only difference is that now I know there are so many more people to share that happiness with. A few days ago I had started feeling really down because I felt like perhaps I’d lost a lot of friends and family support. It was a bad few weeks for me but it was all in my mind. Im convinced now that feeling helpless does nothing but further increase your worries. Im thankful to God for blessing me with such amazing friends and family and I couldnt ask for anything more 🙂

*Sufi Spirit…Love overcomes all adversities* Written by F.F.

Man Breaks 5 Hour Planking Record – Benefits of Planks

Extremely helpful and detailed post about the benefits of planking. I’ll definitely be stepping it up in the gym tomorrow after reading this!